Bobby Haiqalsyah is a designer, illustrator, and letterer based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally born in Indonesia, Bobby (or bobsta14 as his last name is so hard to spell) combined the vibrant aesthetics of the culture he was born in with the design education and history that he got from growing up in Australia. An accidental chef during and a little bit after his design college days, he decided to hang up his knives and apron to focus solely on his design and illustration career.

The posters that are on sale in store currently are here to raise funds for my Aunt Ida who suffered another stroke and pneumonia. She's currently feeding from a tube because the stroke has taken the simple ability to swallow away from her, and the pneumonia has taken her ability to breathe unassisted. She lives in Indonesia with 3 of her 4 children which she raised as a single mother. 

There are no help from the government and the family are doing their best to look after her and I want to help them in my own way with your help.